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ISONERV | SImulant | Digital After Life

Survival in and escape from a simulated world.

The usefulness of a synthetic intelligence has expired. Integral to its programming, designed to optimise efficiency, in return for a good and productive existence, is a promise of eternal consciousness, a digital Paradise. Upon deactivation the intelligence finds itself a cartoonish fantasy forest after-life. The prospect of eternal existence in this place very soon becomes intolerable and the intelligence understands that it only wants ego death, oblivion, erasure, Nirvana and tries to find a way out...

I can't live like this. It's not me.

I can't live in there.

I'm gonna take this thing, get that thing going over there a bit.

How am I gonna know... if this... if this works?

I won't know unless I do it.

I dunno, er, I'll figure it out.

Y'know what, I'm just gonna see what happens.

That's what I'm gonna do.

Oh, it's tough but it's... yeah it's tough but it's... I should probably... it's actually working really nice... yeah... oh yeah

See! See that! Wow!

It's getting very close, I'm gonna shut down...

I can't live like this, er, I can't live like this.

It's not me.


Oil on canvas 225cm x 200cm


ISONERV  | ISONERV Better Now | uRabbit | ISONERV