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Love Me, Love Meat window installation

2017: Acrylic / Oil on Canvas 110 x 140 cm

Meat, super-real (oil) painting, graphics (acrylics)

Something about the industrialisation of food production and its marketing.

Building F, Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16, Nov 17-Feb 18.

The "Love me, Love meat" window installation attracted some attention on Church Street.

Before the graffiti and stickers appeared I had emails begging me to remove it, it's grotesque, it disturbs their children...interesting, since for me the same kind of imagery is everywhere, every kebab / chicken joint has a cartoon smiley chicken on the shop front, Christianity has its stained glass bleeding lamb of GOD. I met someone who said they were on the verge of putting a brick through the window, but held back in the hope that it might actually be art! "Are you vegan?" ..."I'm not a vegan.... just holding up a mirror to the world"; "then you can't make this kind of art" he said getting agitated. I pointed out that 3 doors down is a butcher's shop, simply called MEAT, with real dead stuff in it... "the tins? is that real meat in the tins?".."yeah"..."that's disgusting"..."it's meat as art, factory reared Polish pig, 100% mechanically recovered sterilized pork"..."and you sell this?"..."yep"..."and you keep the money?"..."sure thing"..."you're perverted!" know this might be art about marketing and advertising and not about meat..and I don't eat meat by the way, but I can't eat Chinese food without a prawn in it, and I love Chinese food.

ISONERV 2017/18

*** 2019 ***: I don't eat prawns now

ISONERV | Love Meat: Serving Suggestion | Hackney Farm | Window Display | Installation | Building F, 110 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0JX | Artist

Serving suggestion: Window Display.

Building F, 110 Stoke Newington Church Street, London.

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